Linez is a puzzle game adapted from Oleg Demin's Color Lines.


The goal is to earn points by removing lines of at least five same-colored tiles on the 9x9 board.

On each turn, three tiles randomly chosen out of seven colors are added to the board. The next three tiles are always shown underneath the board.

The game is over when the board gets full.

Linez board

Moving tiles

You can move one tile per turn by one click on the tile followed by another click on the desired destination.

The following example shows how to move the "4" under the "3" to the top row.

Moving tiles

A tile can be moved to any vacant spot reachable along a clear path (a chain of horizontally or vertically adjacent empty cells from the tile to the target).

In the following example, the "4" can't be moved to the upper-left cell as all paths are blocked.

Blocked path

If you misclick a tile, you may click it again to cancel the selection. You may also click another tile to directly change the selection. Once you pick a destination, however, you can no longer undo the move.


Try to create lines of at least five same-colored tiles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. When lines are formed, tiles in the lines immediately disappear from the board, and you get 10+ points along with another opportunity to move a tile. Automatically formed lines will also be removed, though they do not contribute to your score.


You score 10 points when you remove a line of five tiles. More points are awarded if a longer line or multiple lines are formed in a single turn.

Tiles removed per turn 567891011121314151617
Points 101317222835435262738598112
Tiles removed per turn 181920212223242526272829
Points 127143160178197217238260283307332358

For every 100 points you earn in a game, you also get an expert point. You get an additional expert point for every 100 points higher than 100, 300, 600, 1000, 1500, and 2100. Expert points are always rounded down to the nearest whole number.


APPRENTICETop score is greater than zero.
JUNIORAll top three scores exceed 99, or total expert points exceed 9.
SENIORAll top three scores exceed 299, or total expert points exceed 29.
PROFESSIONALAll top three scores exceed 599, or total expert points exceed 59.
MASTERAll top three scores exceed 999.
SENIOR MASTERAll top three scores exceed 1499.
GRANDMASTERAll top three scores exceed 2099.
LEGENDARYTop score exceeds 9999.

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